Maui Brewing Founder Garrett Marrero has enjoyed a long-standing friendship with Stone Brewing Co. Co-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner based on mutual respect and passion for craft beer. That camaraderie has led to a number of joint industry-related undertakings ranging from collaboration beers to special events and fighting the good fight in defense of high-quality craft beer for all.

“Maui | Stone Craft Beverages is ready to help Hawaii cast commodity beer aside and move to quality craft beers,” said Marrero. “Craft beer options in Maui have grown since we first began brewing, and with the addition of 20 new brands, Hawaii is taking another large, tasty leap forward. It’s exciting to partner with Stone, as our companies are aligned with the same beliefs and goals of providing the best possible craft beer to our fans.”

“With the advent of Maui | Stone Craft Beverages, we are excited to offer Stone Brewing beers and other artisanal brands to enthusiasts in Maui,” said Koch. “Ensuring that fans enjoy fresh beer is something Stone has advocated for many years. The handling of beer during the distribution process is critically important. It’s with this philosophy in mind that Maui Brewing and Stone Brewing came together to develop a company that guarantees an incredible selection of fresh craft beers and ciders to Maui.”

In forming this noble alliance, the partners are building off Stone’s ever growing distribution operation, which relies exclusively on a network of cold storage warehouses and refrigerated vehicles to keep its beers at the peak of freshness and in a maximum state of flavor by preventing degradation and spoilage. This will ensure that residents of and visitors to the Hawaiian Islands not only have a plethora of craft beer options within reach, but reliably satisfying ales and lagers that make paradise even more perfect..

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Both Maui Brewing and Stone Brewing Co. are acutely aware of what it takes to craft high-quality beer as well as ensure that quality is maintained from the brewhouse to the consumer. Cold storage from inception to the store shelf is key! So, too, is playing an integral role in ensuring the right beers make their way to ideal accounts, be they bottle shops, grocery stores, bars or restaurants. It takes a combination brewer and distributor to truly understand every intricacy, and that is what we are providing with Maui – Stone Craft Beverages.


Maui – Stone Craft Beverages goes to greater lengths to keep its beers fresh than any distributor servicing the Hawaiian Islands. From brewery to storage facility, mainland dock to island dock, Hawaiian warehouse to Hawaiian retailer, beers are constantly refrigerated to ensure maximum freshness, which translates to maximum flavor showing up in bitter hop vibrancy, crisp effervescence, potent malt and spice notes, and more. This takes a fleet of refrigeration-equipped trucks, warehouses and ships as well as the dedication of every member of our team. Keeping beer in an optimal state is no small feat, but it’s worth every bit of energy we expend in the name of craft beer.


Hawaii is considered paradise by many, and thanks to the influx of reputable, high-quality craft brews provided by Maui – Stone Craft Beverages, beer enthusiasts will be able to echo that sentiment. The arrival of this new distribution entity will equate to the funneling of a great deal more artisanal beer than Hawaii has been afforded to this point. And we’re just getting started!



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